Moth Removal in Beaumont

While moths might not be the first creatures that come to mind when you think about pests around your home or business, they can be a nuisance. These bugs can do quite a number on clothing and fabrics around your property and rack up a lot of damages.

If you find moths on your property, the best thing to do is contact Antex Exterminating. We are your source for affordable and effective moth treatment that will bring some order back to your property.

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Put Your Concerns to Rest with a Moth Control Inspection

Like with most pest problems, it is first paramount that we determine the extent of your moth infestation. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect all the common problem areas, such as behind curtains, wardrobes and closets, and dark areas like basements. After we have determined the service you need, our moth extermination experts will be happy to provide you with an upfront estimate on the cost and time required to solve your problem. 

Common Areas That Moths Can Hide

  • Closets
  • Under beds
  • Behind curtains
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Infrequently used cupboards or wardrobes 
  • Spare rooms

Contact the Moth Protection Professionals 

Although some property owners attempt to throw some mothballs in their closet and call it a day, we don’t recommend taking this route. Not only are these products inconsistent at resolving problems, but they also use potentially harmful chemicals and produce a strong odor. We use advanced, professional-grade techniques to fix your issue safely and dependably. Our moth fumigation techniques are fast, affordable, and guaranteed to leave your property feeling fresh.

Total Moth Protection

After we have eliminated all traces of moths and their larvae, it is unlikely that the problem will reoccur anytime soon. That being said, there are also some helpful moth prevention techniques that you can use to help safeguard your property from these pests returning. Our moth removal specialists will gladly educate you on the topic at the end of your service, but some of the basic strategies we can offer include:

  • Brush down any clothes made of wool or fur after coming in from outside
  • Wash your clothing before storing them for extended periods
  • Keep all of your storage areas as dry as possible
  • Use airtight storage containers when possible 
  • Vacuum frequently 

Outstanding Customer Service on Moth Control

Even though the service we provide is a tremendous value in and of itself, we sweeten the deal by putting a great deal of emphasis on our customer experience. We keep you informed throughout the entire process and make sure to follow-up with you to ensure that your problem has been resolved. We have had the pleasure of creating many satisfied customers over our time in the business who will attest to the care and attention that we put into every job. 

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