Riverside Gopher Control

Antex Exterminating is Riverside’s reliable gopher control specialist. We’re here to help you prevent these nuisance rodents from damaging your landscaping, tunneling through your yard, and leaving unsightly dirt mounds in their wake. Licensed by the Department of Pesticide Regulation, we’re ready to help you develop personalized solutions for dealing with existing gopher infestations.

We also provide detailed gopher repellant and prevention plans personalized to your property to help you keep these critters away from your investment for good. Reach us at (951) 207-5339 to discuss the details with a certified pest control company that understands the gravity of gopher damage and how it affects your property.

Learn More About Our Gopher Control Services

We Offer the Fastest and Best Ways to Eliminate Gophers

When you want the fastest and best way to eliminate gophers, we have you covered. Gophers are tunneling animals that can damage the health and vitality of your lawn, gardens, and food crops. When you spot one or more of these critters making their home in your grass, it’s best to act quickly to mitigate the problem before costly damage can occur.

We offer a full suite of services tailored to your unique circumstances and budget. Generally, we’ll book your service appointment within 24-48 hours from your initial call. Are you ready to reclaim your property? Give us a call to learn more about our services, pricing, and flexible booking availability.

Gopher Trapping

We’ve refined our gopher trapping techniques to ensure the best chance of catching the culprits before they can cause additional damage to the lawns surrounding your home or business. To begin, we’ll consult with you and then survey the area to determine the best locations to set up our bait and traps. Generally, we’ll set our traps in places that offer maximum efficacy while maintaining the safety of you, your property, and other wildlife.

Gopher Removal

After capture, our gopher removal involves relocating these burrowing rodents to a suitable habitat far from human disturbances. You won’t have to worry about running into the same gopher twice. We make sure to go the distance before drop off, ensuring there’s no way for the critter to make it back to your property to cause additional damage.

Gopher Eradication

There’s no question about gophers being destructive, particularly to crops, gardens, and lawns. When you’re dealing with a serious infestation, you can leverage our gopher eradication expertise to solve the problem quickly. We know how to remove the presence of gophers from specific locations entirely and will work with you to develop a preventative plan to keep gophers from coming back in the future.

It’s essential to approach eradication with consideration for local wildlife, regulations, and ecological balance. We’re proud to be local pest control technicians who facilitate successful solutions.

Call Antex Exterminating for a Timely Resolution to Your Gopher Problems

Antex Exterminating promises timely resolutions to address gopher problems. We’re Riverside’s first choice for a pest control company that understands the challenges of protecting your property from unwanted wildlife species. We work closely with you to develop a customized pest control system that matches your budget and yields the results you want.

Call (951) 207-5339 now to schedule a noncommittal initial consultation and learn more about what makes us the best choice for the job.